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PSC Miscellaneous Main Examinations – 2004 – Questions Paper and Answer Key

PSC Miscellaneous Main Exam Paper – 2004

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PSC Miscellaneous Main Exam Paper – 2004

Part – I

Answer Question no. I and any two from the

  1. India relations are going through a period of dynamic positive change.” –  Discuss the statement with reference to the recent visit of our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the United States in July 2005.   (Marks : 20 ) 
  2. Describe how Tsunami is generated. Which part of India was affected by the Tsunami of December 26.2004? (Marks : 15 ) 
  3. Is it correct to say that the Governor of an Indian State often functions less as a “bird in a golden cage” and more as a “sepoy of the centre”. (Marks : 15 ) 
  4. Write a note on the controversy surrounding the banning of “Images of smoking in films” by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. (Marks : 15 ) 
  5. The world became unipolar with the collapse of the Soviet Union but how long this is going to last? (Marks : 15 ) 
Part – II

Answer Question no. 6 and any two from the rest

  1. Discuss the main features of National Rural Employment Guarantee Bill. (Marks : 20 ) 
  2. What were the issues involved in the recent humiliation of Imrana Bibi in Uttar Pradesh? (Marks : 15 )
  3. Discuss the debate, which has been generated, about the Nanavati Commission Report. (Marks : 15 )
  4. Who are the authors of the following books?  (Marks : 15 )
    (a) Da Vinci Code (b) The Hungry Tide (c) The Zahir (d) The Argumentative Indian (e) Parineeta

    • Ans :  Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown
    • The Hungry Tide- Amitava Ghosh
    • The Zahir – Paulo Coelho
    • The Argumentative Indian-Amartya Sen
    • Parineeta – Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay 

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