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WBPSC Motor Vehicle Inspector(MVI) Exam Answer key 2020

WBPSC Motor Vehicle Inspector(MVI) Exam

WBPSC Motor Vehicle Inspector(MVI) Exam Answer key 2020

প্রিয় পাঠকেরা, তোমাদের জন্য দেওয়া রইলো WBPSC Motor Vehicle Inspector(MVI) Exam Answer key 2020 ।

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1. The most abundant rare gas in atmosphere is

(A) Helium
(B) Neon
(C) Argon
(D) Xenon

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(C) Argon [/spoiler]

2. How many organs are there in a human body?

(A) 76
(B) 77
(C) 78
(D) 79

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(C) 79 [/spoiler]

3. A ‘Blue Moon’ occurs on the average in every about 

(A) 2 years
(B) 2.5 years
(C) 2.7 years
(D) 3 years

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(C) 2.7 years

সাধারণত ১৯ বছরে ৭ বার দেখা যায়। সেভাবে হিসাব করলে প্রতি ২.৭ বছর অন্তর দেখা যায়।


4. “Sangai’ (the Dancing Deer) is an endangered animal species found in the State of 

(A) Rajasthan
(B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Manipur
(D) Tamil Nadu

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(C) Manipur  [/spoiler]

5. LPG cylinder contains

(A) Butane and Isobutane
(B) Butane and Propane
(C) Isobutane and Propane
(D) Butane, Isobutane and Propane 

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D) Butane, Isobutane and Propane 


6. Where is the headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO) located?

(A) Geneva
(B) Vienna
(C) Brussels
(D) Stockholm 

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(A) Geneva  [/spoiler]

7. Which is known as “Garden City of India?

(A) Shimla
(B) Pune
(C)  Bangalore
(D) Jaipur 

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(C)  Bangalore  [/spoiler]

8. Whichone of the following is not associated with Mahavalipuram?

(A) It is a coastal town of Andhra Pradesh.
(B) It is famous for monolithic rock cut temples and world heritage site.
(C) It came to prominence during the Pallava Period
(D) An informal summit between Prime Minister of India and Chinese President took place here.

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(A) It is a coastal town of Andhra Pradesh.  [/spoiler]

9. “The National Song of India was composed by

(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) Aurobindo Ghosh
(C) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(D) Gulzar 

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(C) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee  [/spoiler]

10. The highest level of security provided to high-risk individuals in India is termed as

(A) X category
(B) Y category
(C) Z category
(D) Z+ category 

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(D) Z+ category  [/spoiler]

11. The image formed by a plane mirror is

(A) real and erect
(B) virtual and inverted
(C) virtual and erect
(D) real and inverted 

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(C) virtual and erect  [/spoiler]

12. Which one of the following personality is a Nobel Laureate?

(A) Jean Dreze
(B) Amartya Sen
(C) Ramchandra Guha
(D) Adam Smith 

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(B) Amartya Sen  [/spoiler]

13. Which one of the following is not a metal?

(A) Platinum
(B)  Mercury
(C) Nickel
(D) Silicon 

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(D) Silicon  [/spoiler]

14. In which Amendment of the Constitution of India the Preamble was changed from “Sovereign Democratic Republic’ to ‘Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic’? 

(A) 39th
(B) 42nd
(C) 73rd
(D) 74th 

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(B) 42nd  [/spoiler]

15. The first Human Corona Virus was identified and imaged in 

(A) New York
(B) London
(C) Wuhan
(D) Tokyo 

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(B) London  [/spoiler]

16. In 2019 the Amazon Rainforest was in news because of 

(A) Devastating floods
(B) Raging fires
(C) Extensive mining
(D) Conflicts among the tribes 

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(B) Raging fires  [/spoiler]

17. Kartarpur Corridor is in between India and 

(A) Nepal
(B) Bangladesh
(C) Pakistan
(D) Bhutan 

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(C) Pakistan  [/spoiler]

18. “Citius, Altius, Fortius is the motto of 

(A) Asian Games
(B) Commonwealth Games
(C) Olympic Games
(D) None of the above 

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(C) Olympic Games  [/spoiler]

19. WikiLeaks was founded by 

(A) Mark Jukerberg
(B) Julian Assange
(C) Jeff Bezos
(D) Jac Ma 

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(B) Julian Assange [/spoiler]

20. Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of 

(A) Vitamin D
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin A 

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(C) Vitamin C  [/spoiler]

WBPSC Motor Vehicle Inspector(MVI) Exam Answer key

21. Toni Morrison was a world famous 

(A) Novelist
(B) Politician
(C) Footballer
(D) Painter 

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(A) Novelist  [/spoiler]

22. Which one of the following is not considered as a ‘soft skill”? 

(A) Positive attitude
(B) Empathy
(C) Socialization
(D) Computation skill 

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(D) Computation skill  [/spoiler]

23. Flowers without petals are pollinated by 

(A) Bees
(B) Birds
(C) Butterflies
(D) Wind 

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(D) Wind  [/spoiler]

24. Which one of the following countries is not a part of BIMSTEC? 

(A) Bangladesh
(B) Thailand
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Indonesia 

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(D) Indonesia  [/spoiler]

25. X-ray fails to pass through

(A) Flesh
(B) Bone
(C) Iron
(D) Gold 

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(B) Bone  [/spoiler]

26. What is the currency of Japan? 

(A) Euro
(B) Yen
(C) Rouble
(D) Dinar 

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(B) Yen  [/spoiler]

27. The last Governor-General of India was 

(A) C. Rajagopalachari
(B) Lord Mountbatten
(C) Lord Canning
(D) Earl of Dalhousie 

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(A) C. Rajagopalachari  [/spoiler]

28. Which of the following planets revolves from east to west (i.e. retrograde revolution)? 

(A) Venus
(B) Earth
(C) Jupiter
(D) Saturn 

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(A) Venus

শুধুমাত্র Venus(শুক্র) এবং Urenus(ইউরেনাস) গ্রহ দুটি পূর্ব থেকে পশ্চিমে ঘোরে।


29. Which state of India has the highest percentage of forests to its total geographical area?

(A) Nagaland
(B) Arunachal Pradesh
(C) Mizoram
(D) Meghalaya 

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(C) Mizoram  [/spoiler]

30. An example of a scalar quantity is 

(A) Velocity
(B) Force
(C) Momentum
(D) Energy 

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(D) Energy  [/spoiler]

31. What does ‘CTC’ mean for Tea Industry? 

(A) Crush, Tear, Curl
(B) Curl, Tear, Cut
(C) Crush, Tear. Cut
(D) Clean, Taste, Choose 

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(A) Crush, Tear, Curl  [/spoiler]

32. Which of the following cards was issued first? 

(C) Voter ID
(D) Ration Card

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(D) Ration Card [/spoiler]

33. The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 

(A) 15 August 1947
(B) 26 November 1949
(C) 24 January 1950
(D) 26 January 1950 

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(B) 26 November 1949  [/spoiler]

34. How many countries are members of the United Nations?

(A) 188
(B) 190
(C) 191
(D) 193

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(D) 193 [/spoiler]

35. ‘Kathakali’ is a highly stylized classical dance form originated in 

(A) Kerala
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Tamil Nadu 

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(A) Kerala  [/spoiler]

36. How many stars are there on the American flag?

(A) 30
(B) 50
(C) 60
(D) 75

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(B) 50 [/spoiler]

37. Which one of the following bird/animal takes the longest migration for seasonal activity? 

(A) Elephant Seal
(B) Gray Whale
(C) Leatherback Turtle
(D) Arctic Tern 

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(D) Arctic Tern  [/spoiler]

38. Which disease is caused by Fungus? 

(A) Polio
(B) Malaria
(C) Dermatitis
(D) Cholera 

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(C) Dermatitis  [/spoiler]

39. Milk is an example of 

(A) Emulsion
(B) Gel
(C) Foam
(D) Sol 

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(A) Emulsion  [/spoiler]

40. Which one of the following diseases is not caused by a virus? 

(A) Common Cold
(C) Tetanus
(D) Chickenpox 

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(C) Tetanus  [/spoiler]

WBPSC Motor Vehicle Inspector(MVI) Exam Answer key

41. The famous film ‘Bhuvan Shome” was directed by 

(A) Ritwik Ghatak
(B) Mrinal Sen
(C) Satyajit Ray
(D) Tapan Sinha 

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(B) Mrinal Sen  [/spoiler]

42. Which of the following divides Afghanistan and Pakistan? 

(A) Radcliffe line
(B) Durand line
(C) Marginal line
(D) Medicine line 

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(B) Durand line  [/spoiler]

43. The fastest train in India was named as 

(A) Taj Express
(B) Duronto Express
(C) Rajdhani Express
(D) Vande Bharat Express 

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(D) Vande Bharat Express  [/spoiler]

44. The FIFA World Cup of 2018 was won by 

(A) Croatia
(B) Germany
(C) France
(D) Russia

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(C) France  [/spoiler]

45. Which of the following is the capital of Azerbaijan? 

(A) Tbilisi
(B) Riga
(C) Tehran
(D) Baku 

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(D) Baku  [/spoiler]

46. The practice of intentionally ending life to relive pain and suffering is called 

(A) Euphoria
(B) Euthanasia
(C) Anesthesia
(D) Dyslexia 

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(B) Euthanasia  [/spoiler]

47. What is the study of maps called? 

(A) Speleology
(B) Cartography
(C) Potamology
(D) Orology 

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(B) Cartography  [/spoiler]

48. Radioactive decay of uranium produces 

(A) Arsenic
(B) Bismuth
(C) Lead
(D) Tin 

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(C) Lead  [/spoiler]

49. The largest State in India in terms of area is 

(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Rajasthan 

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(D) Rajasthan  [/spoiler]

50. The full form of NITI Ayog is

(A) National Institute for Transformation of India
(B) National Institution for Transforming India
(C) National Institute of Technocrats in India
(D) Nodal Institution for Transforming India

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(B) National Institution for Transforming India  [/spoiler]

51. Exact name of the most famous prize Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee won in 2019 for his contribution to Economics is called 

(A) Nobel Prize
(B) World Bank Prize
(C) Swiss Bank Prize
(D) Sveriges Riksbank Prize 

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(D) Sveriges Riksbank Prize  [/spoiler]

52. Which one of the following pairs of the tropical cyclones and their land fall area is not correctly matched? 

(A) Ockhi- Kerala
(B) Vayu- Odisha
(C) Amphan-West Bengal
(D) Gaja- Tamil Nadu 

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(B) Vayu- Odisha


53. In which Indian state is the Chicken’s Neck located? 

(A) West Bengal
(B) Sikkim
(C) Meghalaya
(D) Assam 

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(A) West Bengal  [/spoiler]

54. Who is the author of the book “Wings of Fire”?

(A) Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) APJ Abdul Kalam
(C) George W. Bush
(D) Shiv Khera 

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(B) APJ Abdul Kalam  [/spoiler]

55. When did the Korean War begin? 

(A) 1949
(B) 1950
(C) 1951
(D) 1953

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(B) 1950 [/spoiler]

56. Which of the following is not included in the WEB 2.0 group? 

(A) Email
(B) Facebook
(C) Twitter
(D) WhatsApp 

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(D) WhatsApp  [/spoiler]

57. ‘Sagarmala Project is associated with 

(A) development of the Indian ports
(B) coastal fishing
(C) coastal mining
(D) ocean development 

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(A) development of the Indian ports  [/spoiler]

58. When is World Health Day celebrated? 

(A) 7 April
(B) 30 April
(C) 5 June
(D) 22 June

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(A) 7 April   [/spoiler]

59. Who among the following is the first writer in English to have won Jnanpith Award? 

(A) Arundhati Roy
(B) Jhumpa Lahiri
(C) Amitav Ghosh
(D) V.S. Naipal 

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(C) Amitav Ghosh  [/spoiler]

60. Lake Priyadashini is located in 

(A) Kerala
(B) Andaman & Nicobar Island
(C) Ladakh
(D) Antarctica

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(D) Antarctica [/spoiler]

WBPSC Motor Vehicle Inspector(MVI) Exam Answer key

61. With an ordinary balance, we measure 

(A) volume
(B) mass
(C) weight
(D) density

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(B) mass  [/spoiler]

62. The median age of population of India at present is about 

(A) 27 years
(B) 30 years
(C) 33 years
(D) 35 years

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(A) 27 years

26.8 years


63. Goods and Services Tax (GST) was launched nationwide in India on 

(A) 26 January 2017
(B) 1 April 2017
(C) 1 July 2017
(D) 15 August 2017

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(C) 1 July 2017   [/spoiler]

64. “Salar Jung Museum” is located in 

(A) Delhi
(B) Hyderabad
(C) Kochin
(D) Vadodara 

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(B) Hyderabad  [/spoiler]

65. The First Session of the Indian National Congress was held in 

(A) Kolkata
(B) Madras
(C) Allahabad
(D) Bombay

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(D) Bombay [/spoiler]

66. “Bitcoin’ is an example of 

(A) Computer programming
(B) Gamming App
(C) Internet browser
(D) Crypto currency 

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(D) Crypto currency  [/spoiler]

67. Drone is not usually applied in which of the following sectors in India? 

(A) Military
(B) Land Survey
(C) Forestry & Wild Life
(D) Transportation 

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(D) Transportation  [/spoiler]

68. The United Nation was established in the year

(A) 1940
(B) 1945
(C) 1950
(D) 1956

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(B) 1945 [/spoiler]

69. In which Schedule of the Constitution of India lists of the Centre, States and Concurrent responsibilities are defined? 

(A) The Sixth
(B) The Seventh
(C) The Eighth
(D) The Ninth

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(B) The Seventh  [/spoiler]

70. On April 19. 1975 India launched its first satellite into space was named as 

(B) Aryabhatta
(C) Bhaskara
(D) Kalpaпa 

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(B) Aryabhatta  [/spoiler]

71. The National Youth Day is celebrated on 1 

(A) 12 January
(B) 22 April
(C) 21 June
(D) 05 September 

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(A) 12 January [/spoiler]

72. Who used to call Gandhiji as the ‘Father of the Nation”? 

(A) Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) Rabindranath Tagore
(C) Subhash Chandra Bose
(D) Sardar B. V. Patel 

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(D) Sardar B. V. Patel  [/spoiler]

73. In 2018 the Supreme Court of India scrapped Section 377 which is related to 

(A) LGBTQ Community
(B) Revoking special status of Jammu & Kashmir
(C) Resolving the Ayodhya Dispute
(D) Citizenship Amendment Bill 

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(A) LGBTQ Community  [/spoiler]

74. The First one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is 

(A) Alleviation of poverty
(B) Reduction of hunger
(C) Quality education
(D) Clean water and sanitation 

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(A) Alleviation of poverty  [/spoiler]

75. International Yoga Day is celebrated on 

(A) 01 June
(B) 05 June
(C) 21 June
(D) 23 June 

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(C) 21 June [/spoiler]

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