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ICDS Supervisor Main 2020 – Paper 1 – English – Solution

ICDS Supervisor Main 2020

ICDS Supervisor Main 2020 – Paper 1 – English

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Solution :

Grammar Part

(a) He died in his native village.
(Change to a Complex sentence)
Answer : He died in a village where he was born.

(b) The boy was disobedient, and so the teacher punished him.
(Change into a Simple sentence)
Answer : The teacher punished the boy for disobedience. /
Being disobedient, the boy was punished by the teacher.

(c) If you do not hurry you will miss the train.
(Change into Compound sentence)
Answer : Hurry or you will miss the train.

(d) One should keep one’s promises.
(Change into Passive Voice)
Promises should be kept.

(e) Our army has been defeated by the enemy.
(Change into Active Voice)
The enemy has defeated our army.

(f) Hereafter he is disqualified of/for holding any government post.
(Choose the correct preposition)
Answer : for

(g) He is expert in/on inventing stories.
(Choose the correct preposition)
Answer : in

(h) He is intent upon/on visiting Norway.
(Choose the correct preposition)
Answer : on

(i) He said “My master is writing letters.”
(Change into Indirect speech)
Answer : He said that his master was writing letters.

(j) He called upon God and said that he was ruined.
(Change into Direct speech of Exclamation)
Answer : He said, “God! I am ruined.”

(k) Give the antonym of ‘ferocious’.
Answer : Gentle / Compassionate / Sympathetic

(l) Give the synonym of ‘worthy’.
Answer : Dignitary / Competent / Deserving / Condign

(m) He (talked of/cried out) against injustice.
(Choose the correct option)
Answer : Cried out

(n) I was (let into /put into) her secret.
(Choose the correct option)
Answer : let into

(o) He (predicts on/holds out) no promise for future prospects.
(Choose the correct option)
Answer : holds out

Translation :

গান্ধীজীকে নিয়ে রচিত লুই ফিশার তাঁর প্রবন্ধের শেষের আগের অনুচ্ছেদে তাঁকে পৃথিবীর অন্যান্য নেতাদের সঙ্গে তুলনা করে তার ব্যক্তিত্বের পিছনে রহস্যটি কি তা উদঘাটিত করেছেন। ফিশার বলেছেন যে লয়েড জর্জ, চার্চিল এবং রুজভেল্ট- এর মত পৃথিবীর নেতারা এক বিরাট কর্তৃত্ব প্রয়ােগ করতেন এবং এই কর্তৃত্বের উৎস ছিল তাদের অধিকৃত উচ্চপদ এবং তার আনুষঙ্গিক আড়ম্বর, যেমন— প্রাসাদ বা ঐতিহাসিক অট্টালিকা, প্রহরী, অপেক্ষা-কক্ষ ইত্যাদি। তাঁদের মহৎ দেখাত এবং তাঁরা তাঁদের ব্যক্তিত্ব ও প্রাধান্য আড়ম্বরের সঙ্গে প্রদর্শন করতেন এবং ফিশারের মতে এগুলি সবই তাঁদের ধার করা পদ থেকে আসত। কিন্তু গান্ধীজী কোন উচ্চপদ অধিকার করেননি আর পৃথিবীর অন্যান্য নেতাদের মত চমকপ্রদ আড়ম্বর তার ছিল না।

Sample Solution –

In the previous paragraph at the end of his essay on Gandhiji, Louis Fischer compared him to other leaders of the world and revealed the secret behind his personality. Fisher says that world leaders like Lloyd George, Churchill and Roosevelt exercised a great deal of authority, and the source of this authority was their high position and its associated style, such as palaces or historic buildings, guards, waiting rooms, etc. They showed greatness and they displayed their personality and dominance with style and according to Fisher all these came from their borrowed positions. But Gandhiji did not hold any high position and he did not have the flamboyant style like other leaders of the world.

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