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History MCQ – Set 31 – Medieval History

History MCQ – Set 31 – Medieval History

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1. Sultanates of Delhi have taken which of the following in their buildings from the ancient architecture?

(A) Mehrab
(B) Gumbaj
(C) Arched openings
(D) Decoration figures

Answer :

(C) Arched openings [/spoiler]
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2. Which statement about Amir Khusrau is not true ?

(A) He worked for the Hindu-Muslim Unity
(B) He was a great poet
(C) He was a great historian
(D) He wrote poetry in Hindi and Urdu

Answer :

(A) He worked for the Hindu-Muslim Unity [/spoiler]
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3. Consider the following Bhakti saints

  1. Dadu Dayal
  2. Guru Nanak
  3. Tulsidas

Who among the above was/were preaching when the Lodi dynsty fell and Babur took over? 

(A) 1 and 3
(B) 2 only
(C) 2 and 3
(D) 1 and 2

Answer :

(B) 2 only

Battle of Panipath – 1526

  1. Dadu Dayal   (1544 – 1603)
  2. Guru Nanak  (1469 – 1539)
  3. Tulsidas  (1532-1623)

Only Nanak was alive then.[/spoiler]

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4. Who among the following are considered to be the first owners of Koh-i-noor diamond?

(A) Kakatiyas
(B) Khiljis
(C) Tughlaqs
(D) Mughals

Answer :

(A) Kakatiyas [/spoiler]
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5. ‘Which king of slave dynasty was an expert calligraphist and spent his leisure time copying the Quran ? 

(A) Balban
(B) Bahramshah
(C) Iltutmish
(D) Nasir-ud-din

Answer :

(D) Nasir-ud-din [/spoiler]

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6. Amir Khusrau is reputed to have invented certain musical instruments like 

  1. Sitar
  2. Sarod
  3. Tabla
  4. Flute

Choose the correct option from below

(A) 1 Only
(B) 1 and 3 Only
(C) 2 and 4 Only
(D) All of them

Answer :

(B) 1 and 3 Only

Amir Khusrau is reputed to have invented certain musical instruments like the sitar and tabla. He wrote poetry primarily in Persian, but also in Hindavi.

He is regarded as the “father of Qawwali” (a devotional music form of the Sufis in the Indian subcontinent), and introduced the ghazal style of song into India, both of which still exist widely in India and Pakistan.

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7. Which royal poet of Delhi Sultanate is regarded as the ‘Father of Qawwali’ ?

(A) Tansen
(B) Baiju Bawra
(C) Nayak Charju
(D) Amir Khusro

Answer :

(D) Amir Khusro [/spoiler]
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8. When did Ikhtiyaruddin Bakhtiyar Khalji invade Bengal? 

(A) 1202
(B) 1204
(C) 1206
(D) 1210

Answer :

(A) 1202 [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 3716

9. For writing the Punjabi language, which Sikh guru developed the Gurumukhi script ? 

(A) Guru Angad
(B) Guru Amar Das
(C) Guru Ram Das
(D) Guru Arjan

Answer :

(A) Guru Angad

The Gurmukhi script is tightly associated with the Sikh religion, as the words guru-mukhî literally mean “from the mouth of the guru”. It was created in the 16th century CE by the second Sikh guru, Guru Angad, to write the Punjabi language. [/spoiler]

BanglaQuiz Question ID : 3735

10. Ramanuja preached

(A) Ahimsa
(B) Gyan
(C) Bhakti
(D) The Vedas

Answer :

(C) Bhakti [/spoiler]

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