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History MCQ – Set 2 – Medieval History

History MCQ – Set 2 – Medieval History

Serial : 1, Question ID : 935

Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to introduce the practice of Sijda.?

(A) Firoz Tughlaq
(B) Ala-ud-din Khilji
(C) Balban
(D) Mohammad Tughlaq

Answer :

(C) Balban [/spoiler]
Serial : 2, Question ID : 1020

Shahjahan ascended the Mughal throne in (A) 1628 AD
(B) 1626 AD
(C) 1625 AD
(D) 1627 AD

Answer :

(A) 1628 AD [/spoiler]
Serial : 3, Question ID : 1021

Ibn Batutah visited India during the rule of

(A) Alauddin Khilji
(B) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
(C) Sher Shah Suri
(D) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

Answer :

(D) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

Ibn Battuta was employed as a qazi (“judge”) by the sultan Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq[/spoiler]

Serial : 4, Question ID : 1044

St. Thomas is said to have come to India to propagate christianity during the reign of —- ?

(A) Shenguttavan (Chera)
(B) Karikal (Chola)
(C) Nendujelian (Pandya)
(D) Gondapharnese (Parthian )

Answer :

(D) Gondapharnese (Parthian ) [/spoiler]
Serial : 5, Question ID : 1045

Two great religious conference were held by king Harshavardhana at —- ?

(A) Kannauj and Prayag
(B) Prayag and Thaneshwar
(C) Thaneshwar and Vallabhi
(D) Vallabhi and Prayag

Answer :

(A) Kannauj and Prayag [/spoiler]
Serial : 6, Question ID : 1048

The world famous Thakht-i-Taus (the Peacock Throne) was kept in which of the following Mughal buildings?

(A) The Diwan – i – Khas at Fatehpur Sikri
(B) Agra Fort
(C) The Rang Mahal at the Red Fort at Delhi
(D) The Diwan – i – Am at the Red Fort at Delhi

Answer :

(D) The Diwan – i – Am at the Red Fort at Delhi [/spoiler]
Serial : 7, Question ID : 1049

Between whom was the battle of Chausa fought ?

(A) Bahadur Shah of Gujrat and Humayun
(B) Humayun and Sher Khan
(C) Akbar and Rana Pratap
(D) Jahangir and Rana Amar Singh

Answer :

(B) Humayun and Sher Khan [/spoiler]
Serial : 8, Question ID : 1050

Which one of the following rulers at first assumed the title of ‘Huzrat – i – Ala’ and afterwards ‘Sultan ‘ ?

(A) Bahlol Lodi
(B) Sikandar Lodi
(C) Sher Shah Suri
(D) Islam Shah Sur

Answer :

(C) Sher Shah Suri [/spoiler]
Serial : 9, Question ID : 1295

Who started Zabti system ?

(A) Akbar
(B) Shershah
(C) Ashoka
(D) Harshvardhan

Answer :

(A) Akbar

In 1580, Akbar instituted a new system called the Dahsala or the Bandobast Arazi or the Zabti system. Under this, the average produce of different crops as well as the average prices prevailing over the last ten years was calculated. One-third of the average produce was the state share, which was however stated in cash.[/spoiler]

Serial : 10, Question ID : 1485

Nizamuddin? Aulia and Nasir ud-din Chirag were

(A) Sohrawardi Saint
(B) Nakshbandi Saint
(C) Silsilah
(D) Chishti Saint

Answer :

(D) Chishti Saint [/spoiler]

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