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History MCQ – Set 14 – Ancient History

History MCQ – Set 14 – Ancient History

BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1987

1. ‘Samarqand’ was invaded and destroyed by Alexander in 329 B.C. and Chengiz Khan in 1221 A.D. It is one of the important cultural and industrial city of Central Asia which is located in :

(A) Afghanistan
(B) Turkmenistan
(C) Uzbekistan
(D) Iran

Answer :

(C) Uzbekistan [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1989

2. ‘Oxus’ is the ancient name of which of the following rivers?

(A) Tigris
(B) Euphrates
(C) Amu Darya
(D) Syr Darya

Answer :

(C) Amu Darya [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2092

3. Ancient  name of Allahabad

(A) Prayaga
(B) Burma
(C) Dinpanah
(D) Aryavarta

Answer :

(A) Prayaga [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2111

4. Which of the following Vedas is rendered musically?

(A) Rig Veda
(B) Sama Veda
(C) Yajur Veda
(D) Atharva Veda

Answer :

(B) Sama Veda [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2112

5. Buddha has been described as an ocean of wisdom and compassion in

(A) Jataka tales
(B) Amarakosa
(C) Buddhacharita
(D) The Light of Asia

Answer :

(B) Amarakosa [/spoiler]

BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2113

6. The Great Buddhist Council in 483 B.C. was held at

(A) Ujjain
(B) Pataliputra
(C) Rajagriha
(D) Kashmir

Answer :

(C) Rajagriha [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2114

7. The famous Indo Greek king who embraced Buddhism was

(A) Strato I
(B) Menander
(C) Democritus
(D) Alexander

Answer :

(B) Menander [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2115

8. Rice cultivation is associated with the Harappan site of

(A) Harappa
(B) Mohenjodaro
(C) Kalibangan
(D) Lothal

Answer :

(D) Lothal [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2116

9. Who was the first king to have the image of Lord Buddha inscribed on his coins?

(A) Ashoka
(B) Kanishka
(C) Dharmpala
(D) Harshvaradhana

Answer :

(B) Kanishka [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 2117

10. In his teachings, the Buddha attacked

(A) Ascetism
(B) The Varna system
(C) Vedic rituals
(D) The concept of God

Answer :

(B) The Varna system [/spoiler]

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