Biology MCQ - Eng

Biology MCQ – Set 2

Biology MCQ – Set 2

Serial : 11, Question ID : 1206

Prokaryotic cells lack

(A) nucleolus
(B) nuclear membrane
(C) membrane bound by organelles
(D) All of these

Answer :

(D) All of these [/spoiler]
Serial : 12, Question ID : 1207

Nucleus, the genetic material containing rounded body in each cell, was first discovered in 1831 by

(A) Robert Hooke
(B) Robert Brown
(C) Rudolf Virchow
(D) Theodore Schwann

Answer :

(B) Robert Brown [/spoiler]
Serial : 13, Question ID : 1208

Other than spreading malaria, anopheles mosquitoes are also vectors of

(A) dengue fever
(B) filariasis
(C) encephalitis
(D) yellow fever

Answer :

(B) filariasis [/spoiler]
Serial : 14, Question ID : 1209

Plants that grow in saline water are called

(A) halophytes
(B) hydrophytes
(C) mesophytes
(D) thallophytes

Answer :

(A) halophytes [/spoiler]
Serial : 15, Question ID : 1210

Pyorrhoea is a disease of the

(A) nose
(B) gums
(C) heart
(D) lungs

Answer :

(B) gums [/spoiler]
Serial : 16, Question ID : 1211

O2 released in the process of photosynthesis comes from

(A) CO2
(B) water
(C) sugar
(D) pyruvic acid

Answer :

(B) water [/spoiler]
Serial : 17, Question ID : 1212

Plants hormone that induces cell division is

(A) auxins
(B) gibberellins
(C) Cytokinins
(D) domins

Answer :

(C) Cytokinins [/spoiler]
Serial : 18, Question ID : 1213

Plants hormone that is mainly responsible for Cell enlargement

(A) auxins
(B) gibberellins
(C) Cytokinins
(D) domins

Answer :

(A) auxins [/spoiler]
Serial : 19, Question ID : 1214

Phloem is a tissue found in

(A) reproductive organs of animals
(B) plants
(C) insects
(D) mammals

Answer :

(B) plants [/spoiler]
Serial : 20, Question ID : 1215

N2 content is kept constant in the biosphere due to

(A) N2 fixation
(B) industrial pollution
(C) nitrogen cycle
(D) absorption of N2

Answer :

(C) nitrogen cycle [/spoiler]

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