Geography MCQ - eng

Geography MCQ – Set 4

Geography MCQ – Set 4

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1. [BPSC 2011] Which one of the following cities is not located on the bank of river Ganga?

(A) Fatepur
(B) Bhagalpur
(C) Uttarkashi
(D) Kanpur

Answer :

(A) Fatepur [/spoiler]
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2. The lower gangatic plain is characterized by humid climate with high temperature throughout the year. Which one among the following pairs of crops is most suitable for this region?

(A) Paddy & Cotton
(B) Wheat & Jute
(C) Paddy & Jute
(D) Wheat & Cotton

Answer :

(C) Paddy & Jute [/spoiler]
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3. Which of the following project is also known as gift to Nepal?

(A) Gandak Project
(B) Kosi Project
(C) Hasdo Project
(D) None of these

Answer :

(A) Gandak Project [/spoiler]
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4. [IES 2010] With which one of the following rivers does Chambal river merge?

(A) Banas
(B) Ganga
(C) Narmada
(D) Yamuna

Answer :

(D) Yamuna [/spoiler]
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5. [IES 2010] Indus river originates in

(A) Kinnaur
(B) Ladakh
(C) Nepal
(D) Tibet

Answer :

(D) Tibet [/spoiler]

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6. First multipurpose river project in India after Independence

(A) Bhakhra Nangal Project (Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan)
(B) Damodar Valley Project (Jharkhand and West Bengal)
(C) Chambal Project (Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan)
(D) Farakka Barrage (West Bengal)

Answer :

(B) Damodar Valley Project (Jharkhand and West Bengal)

Damodar Valley Project (Jharkhand and West Bengal) – 1948[/spoiler]

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7. Which one is not a Folk Dance of Maharashtra ?

(A) Tamasa
(B) Lavani
(C) Powara
(D) Jhumar

Answer :

(D) Jhumar

Jhumar – Punjab [/spoiler]

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8. Thein dam has been constructed on the river

(A) Ganges
(B) Sutlej
(C) Ravi
(D) Brahmaputra

Answer :

(C) Ravi

The Ranjit Sagar Dam, also known as the Thein Dam, is part of a hydroelectric project constructed by the Government of Punjab on the Ravi River in the state of Punjab.[/spoiler]

BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1317

9. In Uttar Pradesh, the famous place of pilgrimage of both Jain and Buddhists is at __

(A) Kushinagar
(B) Devipatan
(C) Kaushambi
(D) Sarnath

Answer :

(C) Kaushambi [/spoiler]
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10. Sakhsi Gopal Temple is situated in which state?

(A) Tamilnadu
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Karnataka
(D) Orissa

Answer :

(D) Orissa [/spoiler]

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