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200+ Important Collective Nouns in English

In this post, we will publish 200+ Important Collective Nouns in English. Since the number of collective nouns is huge, we will first discuss the most important collective nouns and then we will provide the list of collective nouns. You can also Download the collective nouns list pdf which is provided at the end of this post.

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List of Most Important Collective Nouns for Exams

No.Collective Noun List
1A band of musicians
2A board of directors
3A bouquet of flowers
4A bunch of flowers
5A choir of singers
6A class of students
7A crowd of people
8A fleet of ships
9A flock of birds
10A flock of sheep
11A forest of trees
12A galaxy of stars
13A gang of thieves
14A herd of deer
15A hive of bees
16A litter of puppies
17A murder of crows
18A pack of cards
19A pack of hounds
20A pack of lies
21A pack of thieves
22A pack of wolves
23A pair of shoes
24A panel of experts
25A pride of lions
26A range of mountains
27A school of fish
28A swarm of locusts
29A team of horses
30A team of players
31A troupe of dancers
32A wad of notes
33An army of ants
Most Important Collective Noun List

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Complete List of Collective Nouns

No.Collective Nous
1A bale of cotton
2A bale of turtles
3A band of musicians
4A bar/ piece/ square of chocolate
5A basket of fruit
6A batch of bread
7A battery of artillery
8A battery of guns
9A bevy of ladies
10A bevy of quail
11A block of flats
12A board of directors
13A body of men
14A book of notes
15A bottle of milk
16A bouquet of flowers
17A bowl of rice
18A bowl of soup
19A box of cereal
20A brace of ducks
21A bunch of crocks
22A bunch of flowers
23A bunch of keys
24A bundle of sticks
25A cackle of hyenas
26A can of soda
27A caravan of gypsies
28A carton of milk
29A cast of hawks
30A catalog of prices
31A catch of fish
32A chatter of budgerigars
33A chest of drawers
34A choir of singers
35A class of students
36A cloud of dust
37A cloud of insects
38A clump of bushes
39A cluster of coconuts
40A collection of coins
41A colony of badgers
42A colony of gulls
43A comb of bananas
44A company of actors
45A congregation of worship
46A congregation of worshippers
47A covey of partridge
48A crew of sailors
49A crowd of people
50A cup of tea
51A drove of horses
52A dynasty of kings
53A fleet of boats
54A fleet of cars
55A fleet of ships
56A fleet of vehicles
57A flight of airplanes
58A flight of birds
59A flight of stairs
60A flock of birds
61A flock of geese
62A flock of sheep
63A forest of trees
64A gaggle of geese
65A galaxy of stars
66A gang of prisoners
67A gang of thieves
68A garland of Sonnets
69A group of dancers
70A group of islands
71A hail of bullets
72A hand of bananas
73A harvest of wheat
74A haul of fish
75A heap of rubbish
76A hedge of bushes
77A herd of cattle
78A herd of curlew
79A herd of deer
80A hive of bees
81A horde of savages
82A host of angels
83A host of sparrows
84A leap of leopards
85A library of books
86A line of kings
87A litter of cubs
88A litter of puppies
89A load/ slice/ piece of bread
90A mob of deer
91A mob of kangaroos
92A mob of rioters
93A murder of crows
94A muster of peafowl
95A mustering of storks
96A nest of mice
97A nest of turtles
98A pack of cards
99A pack of hounds
100A pack of lies
101A pack of thieves
102A pack of wolves
103A packet of letters
104A pair of shoes
105A panel of experts
106A party of friends
107A party of jays
108A patrol of policemen
109A piece of cookies
110A pod of birds
111A pod of whales
112A posse of policemen
113A pride of lions
114A quiver of arrows
115A range of mountains
116A ream of paper
117A reel of film
118A regiment of soldiers
119A school of fish
120A school of whales
121A scold of jays
122A sedge of herons
123A set of clubs
124A sheaf of grain
125A shoal of fish
126A shower of rain
127A slice/ piece of cake
128A slice/ piece of cheese
129A sloth of bears
130A stack of wood
131A staff of employees
132A stand of flamingos
133A string of horses
134A string of pearls
135A stud of horses
136A swarm of bees
137A swarm of locusts
138A team of ducks
139A team of horses
140A team of oxen
141A team of players
142A tribe of natives
143A trip of dotterel
144A troop of kangaroos
145A troop of scouts
146A troupe of artistes
147A troupe of artists
148A troupe of dancers
149A wad of notes
150A wisp of snipe
151A zoo of wild animals
152An agenda of tasks
153An album of photographs
154An anthology of poems
155An anthology of prose
156An archipelago of islands
157An army of ants
158An army of frogs
159An exaltation of larks
160An orchard of fruit trees
161An outfit of clothes
List of Collective Nous

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