100+ Active and Passive Voice Exercises With Answers – PDF Download

100+ Active and Passive Voice Examples with Answers

100+ Active and Passive Voice Exercises With Answers

Here is a list of 100+ Active and Passive Voice Exercises With Answers. These “Active Passive Voice examples” are very important for any competitive exams and English Class Exams. In our English Grammar Section, you will find lots of such examples of important Grammar Topics. This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. Students can also read NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English to get good marks in CBSE Board Exams. Active and Passive Voice Examples with Answers.

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What is Active Voice?

In active voice cases, the subject is performing some action. 

For example, Amrita writes a letter.  Here Amrita, the subject, is performing the action. This is a simple example of Active Voice.

What is Passive Voice?

In passive voice cases, the subject is acted upon by the verb. In other words, the subject is passive.

For example, A letter is written by Amrita. Here the letter is written by Amrita. The action is being performed on the Subject. This is a simple example of Passive Voice.

Here are Examples of 100+ Active Passive Voice examples.

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100+ Active Passive Voice examples

Active : The teacher delivered a lecture to a group of students.
Passive : A lecture was delivered to a group of students by the teacher.

Active : She writes a letter.
Passive : A letter is written by her.

Active : My friend gave me a storybook.
Passive : I was given a storybook by my friend.

Active : I know the man.
Passive : The man is known to me.

Active : Flood has damaged many buildings.
Passive : Many buildings have been damaged by flood.

Active : Please maintain silence in this room.
Passive : Let silence be maintained in this room.

Active : The teacher gave Suresh an exercise book.
Passive : An exercise book was given to Suresh by the teacher.

Active : I am writing a poem.
Passive : A poem is being written by me.

Active : He doesn`t paint the wall.
Passive : The wall isn’t painted by him.

Active : Please post the letter.
Passive : You are requested to post the letter.

Active : Shut the door.
Passive : Let the door be shut.

Active : Did the mechanic fix your car?
Passive : Was your car fixed by the mechanic?

Active : I received a phone call.
Passive : A phone call was received by me.

Active : We call the tiger our national animal.
Passive : The tiger is called our national animal by us.

Active : Someone wrote this letter in the nineteenth century.
Passive : This letter was written by someone in the nineteenth century.

Active : You should do your homework.
Passive : Your homework should be done by you.

Active : They gave each of the participants a handsome prize.
Passive : Each of the participants was given a handsome prize by them.

Active : They are painting their house.
Passive : Their house is being painted.

Active : Can you do this exercise?
Passive : Can this exercise be done by you?

Active : Lock the door.
Passive : Let the door be locked. Or, You are ordered to lock the door.

Active : Who taught you the active and passive sentences?
Passive : By whom were you taught the active and passive sentences?

Active : Ashim knows the solution to this problem.
Passive : The solution to this problem is known to Ashim.

Active : I had written a letter.
Passive : A letter had been written by me.

Active : Father snatched the letter away from Swami.
Passive : The letter was snatched away from Swami by father.

Active : You must not come late to class.
Passive : You are ordered not to come late to class.

Active : Who has taught you to play the piano?
Passive : By whom have you been taught to play the piano?

Active : Akhtar likes tea.
Passive : Tea is liked by Akhtar.

Active : Someone has stolen my bag.
Passive : My bag has been stolen.

Active : The students will have written the poster.
Passive : The poster will have been written by the students.

Active : Who has seen the wind?
Passive : By whom has the wind been seen?

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Active : In ancient Egypt, the body of a Pharaoh was preserved after his death.”
Passive : In ancient Egypt, people preserved the body of a Pharaoh after his death.

Active : Who wrote the letter?
Passive : By whom was the letter written?

Active : On his way to a prayer meeting someone had shot Gandhiji.
Passive : Gandhiji had been shot on his way to a prayer meeting.

Active : The policeman locked him in a room in the police station.
Passive : He was locked in a room in the police station by the policeman.

Active : How did you find that out?
Passive : How was that found out by you?

Active : Is he not speaking the truth?
Passive : Is not truth being spoken by him?

Active : The teacher teaches us English.
Passive : We are taught English by the teacher.

Active : We should listen to our elders.
Passive : Our elders should be listened to by us.

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Active : We pasted gold tinsel stars all over it.
Passive : Gold tinsel stars were pasted all over it by us.

Active : The stone feels rough.
Passive : The stone is rough when it is felt.

Active : He requested me to do the work.
Passive : I was requested by him to do the work.

Active : Someone cut the fish into two halves.
Passive : The fish was cut into two halves.

Active : Who is singing this song?
Passive : By whom is this song being sung?

Active : Keep the ball rolling.
Passive : You are ordered to keep the ball rolling.

Active : You must write the answers on one side of the paper only.
Passive : The answers must be written by you on one side of the paper only.

Active : The people are constructing a bridge.
Passive : A bridge is being constructed by the people.

Active : Why do we love it so much?
Passive : Why is it loved by us so much?

Active : One is to pity the poor.
Passive : Let the poor be pitied.

Active : Flying kites provide us with all sorts of fun.
Passive : We are provided with all sorts of fun by flying kites.

Active : You should buy the essential books immediately.
Passive : The essential books should be bought by you immediately.

Active : Mend your shoes.
Passive : Let your shoes be mended.

Active : I want a storybook to read.
Passive : A storybook is wanted by me to read.

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Active : People chop down and tear us up.
Passive : We are chopped down and torn up.

Active : The black oak bark will wrinkle over you.
Passive : You will be wrinkled over by the black oak bark.

Active : Can you change the voice?
Passive : Can the voice be changed by you?

Active : He wants to give him some food.
Passive : Some food is wanted by him to be given.

Active : People observe some rules in the spirit, not in the letter.
Passive : Some rules are to be observed in the spirit, not in the letter.

Active : Few people decked the compartment with flowers.
Passive : The compartment was decked with flowers.

Active : The next day opened a new scene at Longburn.
Passive : At longburn a new scene was opened the next day.

Active : All desire wealth but some acquire.
Passive : Wealth is desired by all but is acquired by some.

Active : That night an earthquake hit the town.
Passive : That night the towni was hit by an earthquake.

Active : The teacher scolded the boy for late attendance.
Passive : The boy was scolded by the teacher for late attendance.

Active : Have you seen the building?
Passive : Has the building been seen by you?

Active : Swami hoped Samuel would scold him severely.
Passive : Swami hoped that he would be scolded by Samuel severely.

Active : The rich should help the poor.
Passive : The poor should be helped by the rich.

Active : Sugar tastes sweet.
Passive : Sugar is sweet when it is tasted.

Active : Do you know him?
Passive : Is he known to you?

Active : I must kill the tyrant.
Passive : The tyrant must be killed by me.

Active : Who has broken this doll?
Passive : By whom has this doll been broken?

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Active : Can you do this sum?
Passive : Can this sum be done by you?

Active : Can you tell the answer?
Passive : Can the answer be told by you?

Active : We cannot undo what we do.
Passive : What have been done by us cannot be undone.

Active : How does Sachin make century?
Passive : How is century made by Sachin?

Active : What cannot be cured must be endured.
Passive : We must endure what we cannot cure.

Active : A severe earthquake hit the town that night.
Passive : The town was hit by a severe earthquake that night.

Active : Fetch a pair of shirts from M Bazar.
Passive : You are ordered to fetch a pair of shirts from M Bazar.

Active : Check the total music system immediately.
Passive : The total music system is to be checked by you immediately.

Active : The cat puts in an appearance to get his share.
Passive : An appearance is put by the cat to get his share.

Active : There is no time to lose.
Passive : There is not any time to be lost.

Active : Whom did they rebuke?
Passive : Who was rebuked by them?

Active : Who has taught you?
Passive : By whom you have been taught?

Active : You have kept the rule but broken its spirit.
Passive : The rule has been kept by you but the spirit has been broken.

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Active : Does the moon know you?
Passive : Are you known to the moon?

Active : Ram married Sita.
Passive : Sita was married to Ram.

Active : Somebody tears us up.
Passive : We are torn up.

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