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350+ Appropriate Prepositions List with Bengali Meaning – PDF

List of Appropriate Prepositions with Bengali Meaning

350+Appropriate Prepositions List with Bengali Meaning – PDF

Competitive Exam এ Appropriate Prepositions থেকে প্রশ্ন এসেই থাকে । তাই দেওয়া রইলো 350+Appropriate Prepositions List with Bengali Meaning. List of Appropriate Prepositions with Bengali Meaning .

Appropriate Prepositions List with Bengali meaning PDF download for Wbcs,Primary TET,CTET,CGL,SSC etc.

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List of Appropriate Prepositions with Bengali Meaning

No.Group VerbবাংলাSentence
1Abhorrence ofঘৃণাEveryone should have abhorrence of a par.
2Abhorrent toঘৃণ্যRacism of any kind is abhorrent to me.
3Abide byমেনে চলাWe must abide by the rules of discipline.
4Abide inবাস করাI abide in Kolkata with my family.
5Abide withসঙ্গে থাকাIf you would like to rest for a while, you can abide with me.
6Abound inপ্রাচুর্যপূর্ণ হওয়াFish abounds in the pond.
7Abound withছেয়ে থাকাThey live in a region that abounds with oil.
8Absent fromঅনুপস্থিত থাকাI was absent from the class yesterday.
9Absorbed inমগ্নI am absorbed in my study.
10Abstain fromবিরত থাকাI am trying to abstain from sweets for my new diet.
11Acceptable toগ্রহণযোগ্যSuch behavior is just not acceptable in this school.
12Acquit ofঅব্যাহতি দেয়াThe chief justice acquitted him of the charge of murder.
13Adapt forউপযোগী করে নেওয়াThis book has been adapted for the children.
14Adapt toখাপ খাওয়ানোEverybody must adopt himself to new environment.
15Add toবৃদ্ধি করা, যোগ করাThe doll-dance in the exhibition added to our pleasure.
16Addicted toখারাপ কিছুতে আসক্তShe is addicted to collecting stamps.
17Adept inদক্ষHe is adept in playing football.
18Adequate forপর্যাপ্তThe loan given by the bank is not adequate for the farming project.
19Adequate toসমানুপাতিকThe salary, he gets, is not adequate to the volume of work he has to do.
20Adhere toলেগে থাকা, অটল থাকাYou should adhere to your principal.
21Adjacent toসন্নিহিতHis house was adjacent to the bridge.
22Adjacent toসংলগ্নThe Post Office is adjacent to my house.
23Admit intoপ্রবেশ করতে দেওয়াOnly the selected people were admitted into the theater.
24Admit ofস্থান করা, সুযোগপ্রাপ্ত হওয়াHis offence admits of no explanation.
25Admit toভর্তি করাThe boy was admitted to class 9.
26Adorn withসাজানো/সজ্জিত করাAdorn the car with flowers.
27Affection forস্নেহShe has a great affection for the child.
28Affectionate toস্নেহশীলHe is very affectionate to his baby.
29Afraid ofভীতAn honest man is not afraid of telling the truth.
30Agree toব্যক্তি ছাড়া অন্যকিছুর সাথে একমত হওয়াWe cannot agree to your proposal.
31Agree withব্যক্তির সাথে একমত হওয়াI agree with you.
32Agree with, on, toএকমত হওয়াMy father agreed with me on this point, but he did not agree to my proposal to set up a canteen.
33Aim atআঘাত করার জন্য লক্ষ্য স্থির করাThe hunter aimed at the tiger.
34Akin toসমজাতীয়These are akin to one another.
35Alarm at, by, forআশংকা করা/শঙ্কিত হওয়াI was not alarmed at/by the news, but I was alarmed for their safety.
36Angry forকোন কাজে রাগান্বিত হওয়াRahim was angry with me for my having done this.
37Angry withকারো সাথে ক্রুদ্ধ হওয়াThe teacher was very angry with the students.
38Annoyed atব্যক্তি ছাড়া অন্যকিছুর প্রতি বিরক্তThey were annoyed at his rough behavior.
39Annoyed forকোনো কারনে বিরক্ত হওয়াThe officer was annoyed with the clerk for being late.
40Annoyed withব্যক্তির সাথে বিরক্ত হওয়াI am annoyed with him.
41Answer forকোনো কারনে জবাবদিহি করাHe will have to answer for his misdeeds.
42Answerable toকারো কাছে জবাবদিহিতা করাHe is not answerable to anybody for his mistake.
43Antipathy to/towardsঘৃনাI have a strong antipathy to smoking.
44Anxious aboutকোনো কিছুর ব্যাপারে চিন্তিত বা উদ্বিগ্নKarim is anxious about his father’s death.
45Anxious forকারোর ব্যাপারে চিন্তিতSabbir was anxious for her.
46Apart fromছাড়া, ব্যতীত, দূরেThey pave apart from each other.
47Apathy towardsঅনাগ্রহThe student has great apathy towards his studies.
48Apologize toক্ষমা প্রার্থনা করা, দুঃখসহ ত্রুটি স্বীকার করাThe student apologized to the Principal for adopting unfair means in the examination.
49Apology forকোনো কারনে ক্ষমা চাওয়াSajib should ask apology to her of his mistake.
50Apology toকারো কাছে ক্ষমা চাওয়াRakib should ask apology to her.
51Appeal to, forকোন ব্যক্তির কাছে কোন কিছুর জন্য আবেদন করাThe flood affected people appealed to the President for reef.
52Appear at/inউপস্থিত হওয়াI should appear at/in the exam hall in time.
53Appetite forক্ষুধাHe has no appetite for food.
54Apply forকারো কাছে আবেদন করাSumi applied to the Principal for free studentship.
55Apply toকারো কাছে আবেদন করাHe applied to the principal for free admission.
56Appoint toনিযুক্ত করা/হওয়াKibria has been appointed to the post of Headmaster.
57Appointment withসাক্ষাতের সময়He has an appointment with the minister at 10 am.
58Appropriate toযোগ্যHis answer is appropriate to the question
59Aptitude forস্বাভাবিক দক্ষতা, যোগ্যতাHe has no aptitude for public service
60Argue againstবিপক্ষে বলাShe argued against the bill
61Argue overকোন বিষয়ে তর্ক করাThe kids are arguing over which TV program to watch
62Argue with, aboutকথা কাটাকাটি করাThey always argue with me about tiny matter
63Arrange forব্যবস্থা করাWe have arranged everything for our study tour
64Arrive atউপস্থিত হওয়া, পৌছানোThe train arrived at Dhaka station on time
65Ascend fromউপরে ওঠাRahim watched the mist ascending from the valley
66Ascend toআরোহণ করাkarim began to ascend to the surface of wakefulness
67Ashamed ofলজ্জিতNandini was ashamed of his wrong-doing
68Ask aboutকাউকে খোঁজ করাRahim asked about Karim
69Ask forকোনো কিছু চাওয়াDo not ask him for any help because he doesn’t like to help anyone
70Assent toসম্মতি দেওয়াThe President has assented to the bill
71Associate with, inজড়িত হওয়াThis man was associated with crime
72Assure ofআশ্বাস দেওয়াI can assure you of the Principal’s honesty
73Astonished atবিস্ময়-বিহবল হওয়াWe were astonished at his unexpected success
74At lunchদুপুরের খাবারেThey were talking so much at lunch that their food went cold
75Attacked byআক্রান্ত ব্যক্তিবাচকHe has been attacked by a gang of robbers
76Attacked withআক্রান্তThe woman was attacked with acid for rejecting him.
77Attain toলাভ করাHe will not attain to his objective so soon
78Attend on/uponসেবা করাWe should attend on/upon the ailing patient
79Attend toমনোযোগ দেওয়াPlease attend to my advice
80Attention toমনোযোগHe has no attention to his studies
81Attentive toমনোযোগীHe is attentive to his business
82Attest toপ্রত্যয়ন করাI like to attest to your ability
83Authority onবিশেষজ্ঞ পন্ডিতKamal was an authority on English literature
84Authority overকর্তৃত্ব, আধিপত্যShe has no authority over his growing daughters
85Avail oneself ofসুযোগের স্বব্যবহার করাI shall avail myself of the first trip to London tomorrow
86Averse toবিমুখRahim was averse of your various problems
87Aware ofঅবগতI am not aware of his dishonesty
88Bad atঅদক্ষHe is not bad at English
89Bar toবাধাPoverty is not a bar to happiness
90Bare ofঅনাবৃত, স্বল্প-সজ্জাThe trees of the forest are bare of leaves
91Bark atঘেউ ঘেউ করাThe dog is barking at the strange woman
92Based onপ্রতিষ্ঠিত, ভিত্তিকHis information is not based on the correct information
93Bask inরোদ পোহানোThe boys and girls are basking in the sun right now
94Beg forঅনুরোধ করাMaria begged the Superintendent for a seat in the school hostel
95Behave towardsব্যবহার করাThe students behaved objectionably towards the Head teacher
96Born ofজন্মগ্রহণ করাI was born of a middle class family
97Bound forপ্রস্তুত থাকাAlthough we can see that it is bound for failure, it is fascinating to follow its journey
98Break inকথার মাঝে কথা বলাAs she was talking, he suddenly broke in, saying, ‘that’s a rat!’
99Breakdown ofবিস্তারিতHere is statistical breakdown of data
100Bridge overসেতুThe only entrance to Allahabad in that direction was by a bridge over the Jumna
101Burdened withভারাক্রান্তRahim is burdened with a big family
102Burst intoকান্নায় ভেঙ্গে পড়াHe burst into tears
103Burst out a laughterহাসিতে ফেটে পড়াHe bursts out a laughter
104Business withব্যবসা, কাজHe is pleased to do business with you
105Busy withব্যস্ত থাকাRahim is now busy with her homework
106By heartমুখস্থKamal learnt to poem by heart
107Call forচাওয়াI will call for his explanation
108Call inডাকিয়া আনাThey called in a doctor
109Call onকারও সাথে দেখা করাI called on him in his office
110Capable ofসক্ষমHe is capable of doing it
111Care forগ্রাহ্য করাI do not care for you
112Care ofযত্ন নেওয়াYou should take care of your health
113Careful ofসতর্কHe is very careful of his fault
114Careful ofযত্নশীল থাকাSadia is careful of her health
115Careless ofঅসতর্কDo not be careless of your health
116Cast asideছুঁড়ে ফেলাAs soon as they become rich they cast aside their poor friends
117Catch atধরাA drowning man catches at a straw
118Cause forচিন্তিত হওয়ার কারণHe has never given me any cause for concern
119Cause ofকারণIndustry is the cause of your success
120Caution againstসাবধানTake all cautions against the danger
121Certain ofনিশ্চিতJamal is certain of his success
122Change intoপরিবর্তিত হওয়াAt what point does boiling water change into vapor
123Charge withঅভিযুক্ত করাHe is charged with killing
124Close toনিকটেOur College is close to the Post Office
125Compensate forক্ষতিপূরণ করাI will compensate him for the loss
126Compete withপ্রতিযোগিতা করাHe does not pke to compete with
127Competent forযোগ্যHe is not competent for the post
128Complain aboutকোনো বিষয়ে নালিশ করাThey complained about the mismanagement of the programme
129Complain toকারো কাছে নালিশ করাYou should not complain to his parents
130Comply withমেনে নেওয়াThe clerks must comply with the orders of their officer
131Composed ofতৈরীThis medicine is composed of vitamins and minerals
132Conceal fromলুকানোDo not conceal anything from me
133Concentrate onকেন্দ্রীভূত করাTry to concentrate your attention on your studies
134Concern withজড়িত থাকাAsif is not concerned with this conspiracy
135Concerned forউদ্বিগ্নThe parents are concerned for their growing children
136Concerned withজড়িতShe was concerned with such things
137Conform toনিয়মনীতি অনুসরণ করাThe employees have to conform to a strict dress code
138Congenial toউপযোগীThe atmosphere is congenial to your health
139Congratulate onঅভিনন্দন জানানোThey congratulated me on my brilliant success
140Conscious ofসচেতনI am conscious of my deficiencies
141Consent toমত দেওয়াMy father did not consent to the proposal of my sister’s marriage
142Consent toমত দেওয়াThe Prime Minister consented to the proposal
143Consist inকোনো কিছু মধ্য বিদ্যমান থাকাHappiness consists in contentment
144Consist ofগঠিত হওয়াThe committee consists of ten members
145Consistent withসামঞ্জস্যপূর্ণYour action is not consistent with your word
146Consolidate forশক্তিশালী করাThe four new companies consolidated for greater efficiency
147Contemporary ofসমসাময়িকWilliam Wordsworth was a contemporary for greater efficiency
148Contrary toবিপরীত, পরিপন্থীStudents should not act contrary to the rules of discipline
149Contribution toঅবদানHis invention made a major contribution to road safety
150Control overনিয়ন্ত্রণHe has no control over his sons
151Convenient toসুবিধাজনকThe work is convenient to your nature
152Convert toদীক্ষিতTom is converted to another religion
153Convict ofদোষী সাব্যস্ত হওয়াThe accused person was convicted of the murder
154Convince ofবিশ্বাস হওয়াI am convinced of your efficiency
155Convinced ofআশ্বস্তYou are convinced of his product
156Cope withসামলানো বা পেরে উঠাThey cannot cope with the situation
157Cope withএঁটে ওঠা; তাল মিলিয়ে চলাThey cannot cope with so much work
158Count forগণ্য বা বিবেচিত হওয়াThere can be no lasting peace without true democracy in which the people play a part and count for something
159Count on/uponনির্ভর, বিশ্বাস করাRahim count on/upon my help
160Count uponনির্ভর করাHe always counts upon your help for this work
161Covetous ofলোভী হওয়াHe is covetous of wealth
162Crave forআকাঙ্ক্ষা করাEveryone craves for care
163Creep upবৃদ্ধি পাওয়াThe prices of are creeping up day by day
164Cruise toজয় লাভ করাThe Bangladesh team cruised to their fifth successive win this afternoon
165Cure of, forরোগমুক্ত হওয়াThis man was cured of This drug is a cure for typhoid
166Curse forঅভিশাপ দেয়াIf he ever mistreats my parents, I will certainly curse him for it
167Damage toক্ষতিThe flood caused much damage to crops last year
168Deaf to, of, inনা শোনা, বধির হওয়াThe boy is deaf to his father’s advice.
169Deal inকোনো কিছুর ব্যবসা করাThey deal in green vegetables
170Deal in, with, outব্যবসা করা, ব্যবহার করা, বন্টন করাHe does not know how to deal with a customer.
171Deal withকারো সাথে ব্যবহার বা আচরণ করাShahid can deal well with the customers
172Debar fromবঞ্চিত হওয়া/বাধা দেওয়াHe is debarred from getting a job
173Decide uponসিদ্ধান্ত করাWe have not yet decided whether we are going to picnic
174Dedicate toউৎসর্গ করাHis pfe is dedicated to the welfare of the country
175Defend againstরক্ষা করাWe will defend our country against all enemies
176Delegate toপ্রতিনিধিNazrul welcomed the delegates to the new conference
177Delighted at/withআনন্দিত হওয়াSharmin was delighted at/with her husband’s promotion
178Depend onনির্ভর করাPresently, the students depend on/upon guide books
179Depend uponনিশ্চিত থাকা, আস্থা রাখাSumi depended upon his word
180Dependent onনির্ভরশীলSepm is dependent on his father
181Deprived ofবঞ্চিতHe was deprived of education due to extreme poverty
182Derive fromউৎসারিত হওয়াThe one has been derived from the poem
183Descend onআক্রমণ করাArmed thieves descended on the helpless girl
184Desire forআকাঙ্ক্ষা করাHe has no desire for money
185Desire forকামনাHe has no desire for fame
186Desist fromবিরত থাকাShe desisted from making this
187Despair ofনিরাশ হওয়াDo not despair of further improvement
188Destitute ofনিঃস্ব; বিবর্জিতHe is destitute of any friend here
189Detrimental toঅপকারীSmoking is detrimental to health
190Devoid ofবিহীন/বর্জিতHe is devoid of common sense
191Devote toউৎসর্গ করা/নিয়োজিত করাStudents should devote sufficient time to their studies
192Devoted toমনোযোগীHe is devoted to music
193Die byদূর্ঘটনা বা অপঘাতে মরা/কোন কিছু দ্বারা মারা যাওয়াHe died by a road accident
194Die forআত্নত্যাগ করাOur Chairman died for our country
195Die fromকোন কিছু জন্য মারা যাওয়াThe poor person died from hunger
196Die ofরোগে মরাMany people died of cholera
197Die of, for, fromমারা যাওয়াHe died of cholera. / He died for his country. / He died from an injury
198Dressed inসজ্জিত, পরিহিতThe girl was dressed in silk
199Drop toনিচে নামানোAsif dropped his voice to a whisper
200Due toকারণেHis absence is due to illness
201Dull atঅপ্টু/কাঁচাHe is dull at mathematics
202Dull ofবধির; কানে শুনে নাHe is dull of hearing
203Dwell inবাস করাHe dwells in a tall apartment
204Dwell uponআলোচনা করাThey dwell long upon the matter
205Eager for, aboutএকাগ্রThe students for this school are eager for knowledge. / The teacher is eager about the success of his students
206Easy ofসরলThe teacher is easy of approach
207Effect ofপ্রভাবThe effect of corruption is very harmful for our society
208Enter intoকোনো কিছুতে আবদ্ধ হওয়াpma entered into a new agreement
209Enter intoআলোচনা করতে আরম্ভ করাLet’s not enter into details at this stage
210Entitled toঅধিকারীHe is entitled to a reward for honesty
211Entrust toকাউকে কোনো কিছু বিশ্বাস করে দেওয়াHe entrusted the thing to me
212Entrust withকোনো কিছু দ্বারা কাউকে বিশ্বাস করেHe entrusted me with the thing
213Fail inব্যর্থ হওয়াHe failed in getting internet connection in his room
214Faith inবিশ্বাসI have no faith in him
215Faithful toবিশ্বস্তThe dog is very faithful to its master
216Famous forবিখ্যাতSmith is famous for his wisdom
217Fantasize aboutকল্পনা করাThey fantasized about winning the lottery
218Fatigued byক্লান্তHe was fatigued by hard work
219Fed up withবিরক্তHe is fed up with waiting for her
220Feed onখেয়ে বাঁচাThe cow feeds on grass
221Feed withকোনো কিছু খাওয়াThey feed the cow with grass
222Fit forযোগ্যSabina is not yet fit for marriage
223Fond ofপ্রিয়/অনুরাগীChildren are fond of sweets
224Free fromমুক্তHe is now free from danger
225Full ofপরিপূর্ণOur Rivers are full of fishes
226Genius forদক্ষতাNazrul had a genius for convincing girls
227Good for, atভালThis man is good for nothing. /He is good at English
228Grasp atআঁকড়িয়ে ধরাHe grasped me at my hand
229Grateful toকৃতজ্ঞWe should be grateful to our teachers
230Greed forলোভHe has an indomitable greed for wealth
231Guard from/againstরক্ষা করাMy parents always guard me from/against bad people
232Guess atঅনুমান করাIt is difficult to guess at the age of women
233Guilty ofঅপরাধী/দোষীThe convict was guilty of murder
234Hanker afterআকাঙ্ক্ষা/লোভ করাHe hankers after riches
235Hard ofকানে খাটো বা কম শোনাRatan is a hard of hearing
236Hatred forঘৃণাI have no hatred for anyone
237Heir ofউত্তরাধিকারীHe is the heir of his father
238Heir toউত্তরাধিকার পাওয়াHe is an heir to a vast property
239Hinge on/uponনির্ভর করাThe whole matter hinges upon this clue
240Hit uponপরিকল্পনা নেয়াRahim hit upon a new plan
241Hope forআশা করাLet us hope for the best
242Hostile toবিরোধী বা বিরূপ ভাবাপন্নNobody is hostile to you
243Hunger forআকাঙ্কাThe teacher has a great hunger for knowledge
244Identical withএকই ধরণেরYou are identical with your sister
245Indebted toঋণী থাকাWe are indebted to the great leaders of the country for their service
246Independent ofস্বাধীনThey are independent of my health
247Indifferent toউদাসীনEverybody is indifferent to my problem
248Indispensable toঅত্যাবশ্যকীয়Your help is indispensable to him
249Indulge inআসক্তYou should not indulge in social media
250Indulge inপ্রশ্রয় দেওয়াYou should not indulge in idleness
251Inferior toনীচু/হীনHe is inferior to his neighbor
252Infested withঅতিষ্ঠThe room is infested with rats
253Informed ofঅবহিতI was not informed of your misfortune
254Innocent ofনির্দোষThe maid servant was proved innocent of the alleged theft
255Inquire forদেখা করতে চাওয়াHe inquires for the manager
256Inquire intoখতিয়ে দেখাThe police officer will inquire into the matter
257Inquire of, about, into, afterঅনুসন্ধান করাRoma inquired of me about my father’s health. / The pope will inquire into the cause of fire. /Mehjabin inquired after her friends
258Long forআশা করা/কামনা করাHe longed for name and fame
259Look afterদেখাশুনাHe looks after me
260Look atতাকানোStudents look at the blackboard
261Look forখোঁজাI was looking for the lost phone
262Look intoতদন্ত করা/অনুসন্ধান করাI am looking into the matter
263Look overপরীক্ষা করাHe was looking over the answer scripts
264Look upডিকশনারি থেকে শব্দার্থ খোঁজাHe is looking up a new word meaning from dictionary
265Lost inমগ্নSimon is lost in meditation
266Loyal toঅনুগতEvery citizen must be loyal to the state
267Make fromকোনো উপকরণ দ্বারা সরাসরি তৈরী নয় বোঝাতেPaper is made from bamboo
268Make ofকোনো উপকরণ দ্বারা সরাসরি তৈরী বোঝাতেThis necklace is made of gold
269Make up ofগঠিতVillage is made up of many homes
270Married toবিবাহিতSalma was married to a Govt. Officer
271Match forপ্রতিদ্বন্দ্বীHe is no match for me
272Meet withহঠাৎ কোন কিছু হওয়াYesterday I met with an accident
273Monument toস্মৃতিসৌধThe monument to your right is a popular tourist attraction
274Noted forবিখ্যাতShe is noted for dancing
275Object toআপত্তি করাHe objected to my proposal
276Object toপ্রতিবাদ করাMany people objected to the remarks of the leader
277Penalty for, withদণ্ড, জরিমানাShe has paid the penalty for the misuse of power with two years in prison
278Perfect forসঠিক, মানানসইThe new book is perfect for you
279Pity forকরুণা, সমব্যথাI feel pity for this helpless old man
280Play atখেলাI do not play at cards
281Play onবাজানোThey play on the piano
282Play withখেলা করা/ মজা করাI shall not play with him
283Plead forওকালতি করাHe pleads for justice
284Pleased withসন্তুষ্টShamim is pleased with all his employees
285Point outচিহ্নিত করাPoint out the mistakes from the book
286Popte in, toমার্জিতWe must be popte in our dealings
287Qualified forযোগ্য প্রতিপন্ন হওয়াNo candidate was properly qualified for the post
288Quarrel overকোন বিষয়ে ঝগড়া করাDo not quarrel over this trifling matter, let it be drop
289Quarrel withঝগড়া করাSome girls quarreled with one another
290Quick atচটপটেA cashier must be quick at figures
291Rebel againstবিদ্রোহ করাThe soldiers rebelled against the king
292Recover fromসুস্থ হওয়া; পূর্ব অবস্থায় ফিরে আসাThe patient has not yet recovered from his severe illness
293Refer toসিদ্ধান্তের জন্য প্রেরণ করাThe matter was referred to the Chairman for a decision
294Refrain fromবিরত রাখা বা থাকাI refrained him from smoking
295Regard forসম্মানGood boys have great regard for their teachers
296Regret forদুঃখ করাWe regretted for his failure
297Rejoice at/inআনন্দ করাEverybody rejoiced at/in his success
298Relation withসম্পর্কI have no relation with the culprit
299Relevant toপ্রাসঙ্গিকYour answer is not exactly relevant to my question
300Rely onনির্ভর করাWe should not rely on a lazy man
301Remedy forপ্রতিকারThere is no remedy for his misbehavior
302Remedy forপ্রতিকারThere is no remedy for cancer
303Remind ofস্মরণ করিয়ে দেওয়াHe reminded me of his request to lend him some money
304Render intoঅনুবাদ করাRender the passage into Bengap
305Repent ofঅনুতাপ করাI repented of my past
306Repent onনির্ভরশীলHe is repent on his parents
307Repentance forঅনুতাপHe has repentance for the past
308Repentant forঅনুতপ্তKamal should be repentant for his misbehavior
309Rid ofমুক্তি দেওয়াHe will get rid of troubles soon
310Road toউপায়/ রাস্তাThere is no easy road to learning
311Rule overশাসন করাIn the absence of the Parliament, the President rules over the country
312Run afterপশ্চাদানুসরণ করাDo not run after money
313Run intoজড়িয়ে পড়াHe had run into debt
314Run onবিরতিহীন চলাThe bus is running on time
315Run overচাপা পড়াThe man was run over by a truck
316Sad atদুঃখিতAll his colleagues were very sad at his transfer from this place
317Sanguine ofনিশ্চিত বা আশান্বিতBe sanguine of your success
318Satisfied withসন্তুষ্টThe authoress was highly satisfied with Jerry
319Search forসন্ধান করাThe police searched the halls of residence for arms
320Send forডেকে পাঠানোSend for a doctor immediately
321Senior toবয়সে বড়He is senior to me by two years
322Sentence to, forদন্ডাদেশ দেওয়াHe was sentenced to death for murder
323Shocked atমানসিক আঘাতপ্রাপ্তSnigdha was terribly shocked at the death of Ratul
324Short ofঅপর্যাপ্তI am running short of money
325Shout atচিৎকার করে ডাকাDo not shout at your parents
326Sick ofক্লান্তHe is sick of this idle life
327Side withপক্ষ অবলম্বন করাThe Chairman sided with the powerful party
328Similar toসদৃশMy T-shirt is similar to yours
329Smile on/uponঅনুগ্রহ করাFortune smiles on/upon the brave
330Solution toসমাধানNone can solution to every problem
331Sorry forদুঃখিতHe is sorry for his misdeeds
332Stare atচাওয়া বা তাকানোHe stares at me
333Stick toদৃঢ়ভাবে লেগে থাকাWe should always stick to our decisions
334Subject toসাপেক্ষেThe man was appointed subject to the approval of the chairman
335Subsist onবেঁচে থাকাThe poor subsist mainly on rice and pulses
336Substitute forবদলে দেওয়াThis action is substitute for that
337Succeed inসাফল্য লাভ করাHe succeeded in life
338Suffer fromঅসুখে ভোগা, কষ্ট পাওয়াHe has been suffering from fever for last three days
339Take afterসদৃশ হওয়া, একই রকম হওয়াThe boy takes after his brother
340Take pity onদয়া করাTake pity on the helpless people
341Taste forরুচি; পছন্দHe has a great taste for music
342Taste ofস্বাদ; অভিজ্ঞতাThey have had some taste of problems
343Thirst forতৃষ্ণা, আকাঙ্ক্ষাA wise man has no thirst for wealth
344Urge uponআহবান জানানোShe urged upon his son the importance of being honest
345Welcome toস্বাগত জানানোYou are welcome to our new office.
346Wish forপ্রত্যাশা করাEverybody wish for happiness.
347With a view toউদ্দেশ্যI went to hospital with a view to seeing you.
348Work forকারো জন্য কাজ করাShe works for a construction company.
349Work withকারো সাথে কাজ করাThey will be working with me on the new project.
350Worry aboutকোনো কিছু বা কাউকে নিয়ে উদ্বিগ্ন হওয়াPlease, don’t worry about me, I will be alright.
351Yield toনতি স্বীকার করাI shall not yield to his temptation.
352Zeal forউৎসাহRam has great zeal for cricket.
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