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History MCQ – Set 4 – Medieval History

History MCQ – Set 4 – Medieval History

BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1524

1. Which Indian ruler conquered Java and Sumatra ?

(A) Rajaraja Chola
(B) Rajendra Chola
(C) Samudragupta
(D) Vikramaditya

Answer :

(B) Rajendra Chola [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1536

2. Chola rulers were followers of

(A) Vaishnavism
(B) Shaivism
(C) Shaktism
(D) Jainism

Answer :

(B) Shaivism [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1580

3. Jahangir Mahal is located in

(A) Delhi
(B) Fatehpur Sikri
(C) Agra Fort
(D) Sikandara

Answer :

(C) Agra Fort [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1617

4. In which language did Babur write his memories called ‘Tuzuk-i-Baburi’?

(A) Arabic
(B) Turkish
(C) Persian
(D) Mongol

Answer :

(B) Turkish [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1624

5. Before becoming Sultan, Iltutmis was governor of

(A) Awadh
(B) Badayun
(C) Gwalior
(D) Deccan

Answer :

(B) Badayun [/spoiler]

BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1628

6. Consider the following pairs

1.HadisSaying and doings of prophet
2.ZawabitIslamic Law
3.FatwaIslamic Legal decision
4.FarmanRules and regulations framed by sultans
5.ShariatRoyal Order

Which of the pairs given above are incorrectly matched?

(A) 1, 2 and 3
(B) 2, 3 and 4
(C) 2, 4 and 5
(D) 1, 3 and 5

Answer :

(C) 2, 4 and 5

Correct One:

1.HadisSaying and doings of prophet
2.ZawabitRevenue Law
3.FatwaIslamic Legal decision
4.FarmanRoyal Order
5.ShariatIslamic Law
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1712

7. Which of the following ports was the biggest port during the Mughal Period ?

(A) Chittagong
(B) Balasore
(C) Surart
(D) Hooghly

Answer :

(C) Surart [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1713

8. Which Mughal ruler earned the title Insan-i-kamil (Perfect Man) for his peaceful personality and patience?

(A) Shahjahan
(B) Humayun
(C) Jahangir
(D) Akbar

Answer :

(B) Humayun [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1714

9. At which of the following battles was Humayun defeated by Sher Shar Suri?

(A) Battle of Chausa
(B) Battle of Khanwa
(C) First Battle of Panipat
(D) Battle of Thanesar

Answer :

(A) Battle of Chausa [/spoiler]
BanglaQuiz Question ID : 1715

10. Where did Babar die?

(A) Agra
(B) Kabul
(C) Lahore
(D) Delhi

Answer :

(A) Agra [/spoiler]

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