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Precis Writing – Examples – Series 2 ( PDF )

Precis Writing – Examples – Series 2

Check the steps, Rules, Dos and Don’t when writing precis here. Check previous 3 examples herePrecis Writing – Examples –  Series 1

Example 4 :

4. Freedom has assuredly given us a new status and new opportunities. But is also implies that we should discard selfishness, laziness and  all narrowness of outlook. Out freedom suggests toil and creation of new values for old ones. We should so discipline ourselves as to be able to discharge our new responsibilities satisfactorily. If there is any one thing that needs to be stressed more than any other in the new set-up, it is that we should put into productive action our full capacity, each one of us in productive effort, each one of us in his own sphere, however humble. Work, unceasing work should now be our watch-ward. Work is health and service is  happiness. Nothing else is. The greatest crime in India today is idleness. All our difficulties, including even conflicts, will gradually disappear if we root out idleness. Whether as constable or high official of the state, whether as businessman or industrialist, artisan or farmer, each one of us is discharging his obligation to the state and making a contribution to the welfare of the
country. Honest work is the sheet-anchor to which we should cling if we want to be saved from danger or difficulty. It is the fundamental law of progress.

Sample Solution

Title : Our responsibilities in freedom.

Freedom has elevated our prestige and position and offered us new opportunities. But it implies our giving up idleness and narrow selfishness and working hard as disciplined citizens. Everyone, in his own sphere of life, must work hard and give his best for national development. Idleness is the greatest crime in India today. All our problems will be solved if we can root out this crime by hard and sincere work for the welfare of the country.


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Example 5 :

5. The last three generations have witnessed a vast increase in the size and number of large cities. Life is more exciting and more money can be earned in the cities than in villages and small towns. Hence the migration from country to city. In the van of this migrating host have marched the ambitious, the talented, the adventurous. For more than a century there has been a tendency for the most gifted members of small rural communities to leave
home and seek fortunes in the towns. Consequently, what remains in the villages and country towns of the industrialized countries is in the nature of a residual population, dysgenically selected for lack of spirit and intellectual gifts. Why is it so hard to induce peasants and small farmers to adopt new scientific methods ? Among other reasons, almost every exceptionally intelligent child born into a rural family for a century past has taken the earliest opportunity of deserting the village for the city. Community life in the country is thus impoverished, but the community life of the great urban cities is not correspondingly enriched. It is not enriched for the good reason that, in growing enormous, cities have also grown chaotic.

Sample Solution

Title : Effect of migration from village to city.

The rural people flock to cities in search of a better life and better fortune. This migration has adversely affected the rural life. Most of the talented, ambitious and enterprising people leave the village to seek fortunes in cities and only the spiritless and intellectually interior people are left behind. Consequently, the rural life has become impoverished and cities have become huge and unmangeable.[/spoiler]

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Example 6 :

6. In civilized life there is a rule against violence, against our taking the law into our own hands. It is a rule which most of us observe so many, indeed, that a great number of people go through life accepting orderliness and nonviolence as part of the scheme of nature. But when an individual comes into their midst who refuses to observe the current rules and follows the simple rule that might is right, the law-abiding members of society look on in helpless, bewildered confusion.

The last two wars did something to alter man’s attitude towards the rules of life, but much less than might have been expected. Men went into the fighting line, not, as our generals love to say, because ‘man is a fighting animal’, but because they were law-abiding citizens obediently doing what the State told them to do. It was the duty of the soldier to commit violence and murder upon his county’s enemies, but he did these things under orders, and the doing of this hardly impaired his normal law-abidingness. For many years, half the grown-up men in Europe were engaged in trying to murder one another, but the post-war increase in crimes of violence has not been vastly greater. This is a proof of how deeply the habit of playing according to the rules has become ingrained in us.

Sample Solution

Title : The essential decency of man.

Most people are essentially law-abiding and averse to violence. Thus they are bewildered when a bully bursts upon them and creates troubles. Whatever might be the harmful effects of the two world wars, they have not radically I changed human nature. The soldiers, in fact, killed each other not for blood-lust but because they had to obey orders. Man still remains essentially law-abiding and this is proved by the fact that crime figures have not shot up greatly  after the wars.[/spoiler]

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