Important Foreign Words and Phrases with Meanings – PDF Download

Foreign Words And Phrases

Important Foreign Words and Phrases with Meanings

Important Foreign Words and Phrases : In english, we often use many foreign words and phrases but many times we are not aware about their origin or exact meaning. Foreign words are those words that have roots from other language or simply we can define it as a word that is adopted from other language. They are normally written in italics to identify that they are foreign. Most of these foreign words are taken from Latin. In today’s post we will discuss about these foreign words and phrases with their actual meaning in English.

List of Foreign Words / Phrases with Origin and Meaning

List of Foreign Words / Phrases provided below along with their meaning.

No.Foreign Words / PhrasesOriginMeaning
1ab initioLatinFrom the beginning
2ab origineLatinFrom the origin
3addendumLatinAn appendix; something added
4ad hocLatinFor a particular purpose
5ad infinitumLatinTo infinity, forever
6ad interimLatinTemporarily; for the time being
7ad libitumLatinAt Pleasure
8ad nauseamLatinTo the point of disgust
9ad valoremLatinAccording to value; excise and customs duties are so leived.
10a fortioriFrenchWith more still stronger reason
11aide-de-campFrencha subordinate staff officer personally assisting a commanding officer.
12a la carteLatinA Selected meal; according to the menu
13aliasLatinA second name bestowed upon himself by a person
15alma materLatinFostering mother, used by students for their school or university.
16ante meridiemLatinBefore noon’; morning (am)
17au faitFrenchWell-versed; an expert
18bandoleroSpanisha dacoit or bandit
19bella donnaItalianA pretty woman
20bete noireFrenchAn object of dislike
21bona fideLatinIn good faith; general probability; genuine
22bona enfantFrenchA good fellow
23bon voyageFrenchAn enjoyable journey. especially abroad.
24cadreFrenchOfficial status; list of officers
25canardFrenchA hoax or rumour
26carte blancheFrenchA free hand; full powers; full freedom
27charge d’saffairesFrenchA subordinate diplomat or one who acts as an ambassador
28compte renduFrenchA report or review; an account rendered .
30corpus delichiLatinThe substance of an offence
31corrigendumLatinCorrection made in book after printing
32coup d’etatFrenchA swift stroke or policy; to change government by rebellion
33coup de graceFrencha death bow
34coup de mainFrenchA bold attempt
35cuisineFrenchThe kind of cooking or speciality dishes
36de factoLatinIn fact; in reality
37de jureLatinIn law; rightful; legally
38de novoLatinAnew; again; afresh
39de tropLatinToo much; superfluous
40eliteFrenchThe best; superior
Important Foreign Words with Meanings

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NoForeign Words / PhrasesOriginMeaning
41emeritusLatinOne retired from active service (professor)
42en attendantFrenchIn the meanwhile
43en blocFrenchTaken all together, in a body
44en effetFrenchIn effect; reality
45en masseFrenchSeveral person; in body
46en trainFrenchUnder progress or process
47esprit de corpsFrenchSpirit of comradeship
48Exempli gratiaLatinFor example (e.g)
49exempli gratiaLatinAs an act of grace; payment made in favour or free
50ex gratiaLatinBy virtue of his office/post
51ex parteLatinOne-sided judgement
52ex post factoLatinAfter a happening; retrospectively
53ex temporeLatinWithout preparation; especially a speech made without preparation
54facsimileLatinA perfect copy
55fait accompliFrenchA thing done (without reference to interested parties); a work surely done
56faux pasFrenchA false step or social blunder
57festina lenteLatinMake haste slowly; careful
58gratisLatinFree of charge
59honoris causaLatinHonorary
60ibidem (ibid)LatinIn the same place; used for subsequent references (s) to the same place
61idemLatinThe same
62in aeternumLatinEtemal or forever
63in initioLatinIn the beginning
64in statu q3uoLatinIn its original state
65inter aliaLatinAmong other things
66in totoLatinCompletely or entirely
67ipso factoLatinIn fact; virtually; really
68ipso jureLatinBy the law
69jure humanoLatinBy man’s law
70lacunaLatinA gap; shortcoming
71laissez-faireFrenchComplete freedom
72locus standiLatinA place for standing; the right to appear before a court or participate in a process
73mandamusLatinA writ issued by a higher court to a subordinate court
74materia medicaLatinMaterial used for medicine; in current use pharmacology is included
75matineeFrenchAn afternoon performance – usually cinema artists
76me judiceLatinIn my opinion
77MemorabiliaLatinThings to be remember
78modus operandiLatinA method of doing something/operating
79note beneLatinNote below
80obiter dictumLatinAn opinion given by a judge in acourt but not a verdict
81par excellenceFrenchExtra excellence; preeminent
82par exempleFrenchFor example
83pari passuLatinWith equal pace; together
84per annumLatinPer year; annually
85per capitaLatinPer person
86per mensumLatinPer month
87per diemLatinPer day; by the by
88persona grataLatinA welcome guest
89post meridiemLatinAfternoon (pm)
90post mortemLatinAn examination of dead body to find cause of death; after death
91prima facieLatinAt first sight; a case that calls for investigation
92pro rataLatinIn proportion
93repondez, s’il vous plaitFrenchReply, if you please (RSVP)
94res judicataFrenchIn law; already decided
95resumeFrenchA summary
96sine dieLatinIndefinitely; without a day
97sobriquetLatinA nick name
98status quoLatinAs things were before
99stetLatinLet it stand; an instruction to the printer or typist
100sub judiceLatinPending under judicial consideration
101tete-a-teteFrenchA private or face to face conversation
102tout a coupFrenchSuddenly
103ultimoLatinLast month
104utra viresLatinBeyond the powers possessed, not valid
105vade mecumLatinA constantly consulted aid; often a handbook
107via mediaLatinA middle course; solution
108vice versaLatinThe order being reversed
109vis-a-visFrenchOpposite; face to face
110viva vocaLatinOral examination

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Important MCQs on Foreign Words/ Phrases

1. What does the abbreviation 'A.D.' stands for?

(A) Anno Domini
(B) Anti-dote
(C) After death
(D) Add data

Answer :
(A) Anno Domini

2. What is the meaning of the word 'viva voce' ?

(A) Examination
(B) Face to face
(C) A spoken examination
(D) Interview

Answer :
(C) A spoken examination

3. 'A la mode' means –

(A) according to the current fashion
(B) in the menu
(C) out of mood
(D) way of doing

Answer :
(A) according to the current fashion

4. Phrase 'amicus curiae' means —

(A) an amicuricus dream
(B) a senior advocate
(C) a friend of the court
(D) an arbitrator

Answer :
(C) a friend of the court

5. B. C. stands for —

(A) Before Catastrophe
(B) Before Coronation
(C) Before Christ
(D) British Church

Answer :
(C) Before Christ

6. 'Prima facie' means:

(A) last supper
(B) premier value
(C) famous person
(D) at the first view

Answer :
(D) at the first view

7. 'Modus Operandi' means –

(A) failed operation
(B) opera song
(C) suitable object
(D) method of operation

Answer :
(D) method of operation

8. What is the meaning of the word 'vice versa'?

(A) For example
(B) Face to face
(C) Namely
(D) The terms being exchanged

Answer :
(D) The terms being exchanged

9. Which word is related to Mens rea?

(A) Dishonest mind
(B) Guilty mind
(C) Mens Smartness
(D) None of these

Answer :
(B) Guilty mind

10. 'ad hoc' is a ____ word.

(A) French
(B) German
(C) English
(D) Latin

Answer :
(D) Latin

11. What is the meaning of the phrase 'sine die'?

(A) for a certain period
(B) for a short time
(C) for an uncertain period
(D) none of the above

Answer :
(C) for an uncertain period

12. Mens Legis means –

(A) Mens rea
(B) Legal status of the men
(C) Purpose of the law
(D) Preamble of the law

Answer :
(C) Purpose of the law

13. N.B. (NOTA BENE) means

(A) Note well
(B) Take notice
(C) Look into
(D) a+b

Answer :
(D) a+b

14. What does 'CV' stand for?

(A) Curriculum vital
(B) Curriculum value
(C) Current value
(D) Curriculum vitae

Answer :
(D) Curriculum vitae

15. Salarium is a Latin word that means –

(A) salt
(B) salary
(C) soldiers
(D) the salt road

Answer :
(B) salary

16. The Latin expression 'i.e'

(A) id est
(B) ideal energy
(C) inner edition
(D) in Europe

Answer :
(A) id est

17. What is the meaning of 'Bona fides'?

(A) Good faith
(B) Bonus
(C) False belief
(D) Genuine cultivator

Answer :
(A) Good faith

18. The meaning of 'status quo' is –

(A) equal status
(B) state of affair that existed previously
(C) high status
(D) the former state

Answer :
(D) the former state

19. “Novel” means something new and derived from:

(A) French
(B) Arabic
(C) Latin
(D) Greek

Answer :
(C) Latin

20. What is the meaning of the word 'Viva voce'?

(A) Sleeping
(B) Reading
(C) Orally
(D) Runnings

Answer :
(C) Orally

21. The word 'Quorum' means –

(A) required number
(B) number
(C) allowed number
(D) additional number

Answer :
(A) required number

22. Sin die means –

(A) immediately
(B) closed for the day
(C) on his death
(D) adjourned indefinitely

Answer :
(D) adjourned indefinitely

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