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Steps in Report Writing

Report Writing

Dear Readers, today we are going to discuss about the steps involved in writing a report. After successful clearance of WBPSC Clerkship preliminary examination, many of you have requested us to provide some guideline on “how to write a report”. So here we are going do discuss how can you write a good report by following few simple steps.

  • Read the outlines carefully and multiple times till you have a clear idea of the plot of the event.
  • Begin the event straight away without any introduction.
  • Follow the order of the points given in the outlines. Do not omit any points.
  • Connect the different points in logical way with suitable connectors or process so as to make a meaningful passage.
  • The report should be written in a simple language and must be brief but clear. The composition must not be a mass of loose, disjointed sentences.
  • Simple Past, Present Perfect forms of the verbs are to be used and the sentences should be written in passive voice as far as possible.
  • Place and date of reporting must be mentioned.
  • The report must have a heading.
  • In the case of a newspaper report, under the heading should come the name of the source of news agencies like ‘A Staff Reporter’. ‘A Special Correspondent’, ‘Press Trust of India’, ‘From Our Correspondent’, etc.

Sample Report Writing

Keeping in mind the duration of WBPSc Clerkship Main Exam, we are expecting that word limit for the report writing will be around 120 -150. Sample report writing provided below is based on that assumption.
  1. Study the information given below. Then write a Newspaper Report in about 120 words. 

Tagore’s Nobel medal stolen from museum, March 26 – noticed next morning – time of theft not known – thieves also took away a gold pocket-watch and ring of India’s first Nobel laureate, several paintings, silverware, ivory items and  jewelry and a sari his wife Mrinalini Devi wore – thieves fled breaking window grill – guards interrogated — President PM, CM informed – CID  team sent. 


India’s First Nobel Prize Stolen

Press Trust of India

Shantiniketan, 26 March : The whole nation was shocked hearing the news that Tagore’s Nobel Medal was stolen from Rabindra Bhavan Museum last night.

In an act of daring theft, burglars took  away the Nobel Medal along with several priceless artifacts like a gold pocket-watch, several paintings, silverware, ivory items and jewelry and a sari Tagore’s wife Mrinalini Devi wore. The actual time of the theft is not known and the incident came to light only the next morning when the museum reopened. Investigations reveal that the thieves fled through the window after breaking open the iron grills. The police have started a thorough inquiry into the matter and guards on duty are being interrogated.

The President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister have been informed. CID team has been sent and a statewide alert sounded. Police are searching all nooks and corners and have kept vigilant eyes on the artifact dealers.

If you want more Sample and Practice sets for report writing, please let us know in the comment.

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